Federal Income Tax Course

Everything you need to get started preparing tax returns, in one complete online course!

This highly acclaimed, nationally accredited tax course has taught tens of thousands of people how to become successful tax professionals, preparing individual and small-to-medium business tax returns.

The National Tax Training School’s course system and teaching methods have been honed and perfected continuously for decades, while always incorporating the latest remote learning innovations. Through its clear and accessible online training courses, you’ll learn all about Federal tax return preparation in 20 easy-to-master lesson units.

Study online using any smart device—computer, tablet or even your web-enabled cellphone, via our student learning portal. Each unit takes about eight hours to complete. Students can receive certification in as few as eight weeks—or spend as much time as desired, up to one whole year.

The complete course is also provided to you in hard copy form, for your convenience and ready reference when an internet connection isn’t available.

The complete online Federal income tax preparers course includes:


“Real life” case studies give you the opportunity to test your skills in preparing sample tax returns for different taxpayers and small business enterprises. These are designed to fully familiarize you with the various tax forms and schedules you will use as a tax preparer.


Specially formulated tax planning problems will give you “hands-on” practice in devising tax-saving strategies for individuals and businesses, so you can develop strategic tax planning and consulting skills.


For the duration of the course (and beyond!) you will enjoy the personal attention of one of our skilled, trained professional tax instructors. Your assigned instructor will provide guidance, coaching, and any required review and remediation you may need to succeed. We pride ourselves in the quality of our personalized student attention.


A series of online, interactive examinations—one after each master lesson unit—is designed to reinforce your learning and monitor your progress. After being graded automatically, your test results are carefully reviewed and notated by your instructor, who will follow up with detailed, personalized help on any of the topics covered. If you prefer, exams may be taken offline and submitted by email or U.S. mail.


You are entitled to our Consultation and Advisory Service for one year following the date of your enrollment in the tax course. You may request consultation, expert advice and guidance on matters affecting the establishment and operation of your tax practice, and subject to availability of staff time, technical questions and problems relating to income tax law and procedures may be submitted to us for authoritative answers or referral to sources of additional information.

For up to one full year after your graduation, you will receive FREE full access to our online, annual Tax Change Bulletins. After that period, future Tax Change Bulletins will be available for purchase at a very reasonable cost.

Of course, we encourage our graduates to take advantage of our Continuing Education opportunities.