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PTIN Application

Information about PTIN registration

Information about PTIN registration from the IRS


1) Who needs a PTIN?


Anyone who gets paid to prepare (or assists in) preparing federal tax returns must have a current PTIN before preparing tax returns.  Each tax preparer need their own PTIN – it cannot be shared. Enrolled agents must also have a PTIN.


2) How do I apply for a PTIN?


You can obtain a PTIN online by going to the IRS website: it only takes about 15 minutes to apply  The fee is $50.00.  Generally,  your PTIN will be provided to you immediately once you complete the application and pay the fee.


Here is what you should have ready before you apply:


  • Your name and mailing address.
  • Business name and mailing address
  • Credit card or debit card to pay for the PTIN fee of $50
  • Noncompliance with tax laws in the past or felony convictions may affect your ability to get a PTIN so have explanations available if this applies.
  • If applicable (it is not a requirement), your professional credentials.


3) When do I register for a PTIN?


A PTIN needs to be renewed every year. They expire by Dec. 31, so renew or register for a PTIN early enough to have a new and valid PTIN before Jan. 1.